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Cryptoparty Ann Arbor is a community of privacy-minded educators, techies, activists, and enthusiasts working to help you reclaim your privacy. We put people first, and see within technology the potential for liberatory social change.

What we do

  • Educate public on privacy issues in the digital age.
  • Informal training and assistance to empower people to live their lives as they see fit.
  • Fight back against privacy intrusions, from greedy corporations to nosey government bureaus.

Getting Involved

Whether you’re simply curious or want to start a technical revolution, we encourage you to get in touch with us physically or electronically. The only time conditions change is when we band together to change them.

cryptoparty-a2-announce – Announcements Only! Instructions at the link should be followed, with “cryptoparty-a2-announce” as the list name.
Discussion List – The official cryptoparty discussion list. To join, add your email, set a password, and answer the confirmation email.
Twitter – You can also stay up to date with us on Twitter!
Facebook – Obligatory Facebook
Github – Check out our projects, or help us code. – Backup site for announcements and general info. (crabgrass) – Our crabgrass powered site
Meetup – Monthly cryptoparties are also announced on All Hands Active’s Meetup page.

Monthly Meetup

We hold monthly meetings, open to the public and free for all. This is a great opportunity to learn about privacy technology, meet other like-minded people, brainstorm new systems and discuss current issues and events.

Meetings are every 2nd Saturday of the month at 4pm and usually in All Hands Active: 255 E. Liberty St. Suite 225, Ann Arbor, MI

Go down to the basement between Nagomi Sushi and Underground Sounds, make a left, then a right through the glass doors.