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Hello and welcome to Cryptoparty Ann Arbor!

Since 2015 we’ve been holding monthly cryptoparties and special events to educate the public on how their privacy is impacted in the digital age, and how they can better protect themselves. If you care about your privacy, have your own advice you’d like to share, or are simply curious, we encourage you to attend a meeting!

Monthly meetings are currently held every 2nd Saturday of the month, at 4pm in All Hands Active, Ann Arbor’s premier downtown hackerspace/makerspace. Meetings are entirely free and open to the public, so bring a laptop and a friend!

The Website

Since this is a first post, I’ll describe the site some. We have a vanity domain of directed to a github page associated with the Cryptoparty Ann Arbor github organization. This gives us relatively easy hosting with free HTTPS, and version control for a mature production/development separation allowing for contribution from multiple people. We use Jekyll/Octopress, using the Minimal Mistakes Jekyll theme, with some tweaks.

Some things will need to be worked out, like conventions and best practices for members to follow when contributing, as well as using pull requests, or other tools for quality control on the site. Keep and eye out for a post in the future remarking on what worked and what didn’t, once things have had time to mature. Hopefully this kind of info would be useful to other groups that want to quickly and cheaply set up a clean website for themselves.